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Hi! I'm BAE, your Black Art Excursion guide. I love to study about and be inspired by Black artists. I've picked some great artists for you. Hope you join this exciting excursion. 

2020 and most of our lives have been impacted in major ways. Schools have closed around the country and the weight of it for many parents has been heavy.


As tough as this crisis is, and it HAS, IS, and WILL continue to be tough, it also presents us with a refreshing opportunity to connect with our children and explore learning subjects and styles, which are not available to them during a conventional school year. 

Now is the time to let our children move, sing, paint, read, write, create, built, dissect, and tinker through learning. To study their history. To explore their interests. To learning life skills. To decolonize their learning process altogether. 


If not now? When? Literally. 

One of my favorite ways to integrate learning is to study artists and make art.  I kid you not, a simple art study can be spring board for literacy, math, history, science, critical thinking, mindfulness, and so much more.


As an effort to serve you, I have created an integrated 5 day black art curriculum, which you can use to supplement or replace your child's school work for a week. In reality, it can be extended for up to two weeks. 


Because of the discussion questions, it IS intended for you to follow it along with your child and can be used and adapted for students k-12.  But, don't feel the need to be a teacher and turn this into more school. Enjoy the experience and just learn and create together.


Following the curriculum is simple enough.


Every day, you will receive an email introducing one Black artist. Using the links and resources provided you will have an opportunity to learn more about the artist's life and his/her works. Next, you can discuss ideas you saw or emotions you felt through you research. Remember, even the youngest of children have and can develop the ability to reflect and express critical thought about art and history. But first, they have to be given the opportunity to do so. Lastly, you will create your very own artist-inspired master piece using whatever art supplies you have at home and if you so desire, even extend the work further by exploring key vocabulary words, mapping out states, creating a timeline, and/or sharing your work with the world.

Just sign up and you'll have everything you need. 

In Service, 

Nikolai, @RaisingReaders

This curriculum is a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Sign up for FREE

and let the learning begin! 

Thanks for submitting!

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