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Kids Reading Outdoor

The Foundation Bag 

Our Foundation Bag includes everything parents need for early literacy instruction, empowering them to guide their children's learning. The market can be confusing and prey on good intentions, but our developmentally appropriate materials ensure success and connection with young learners. With our tools, parents can guide their children towards phonetic reading, writing, and comprehension while freeing up time for play.

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By @raisingreaders

We are empowering parents to have agency over early literacy instruction.

Happy Reader

Montessori-minded phonics lessons & sequence 

Illustrated nursery rhymes booklet 

Black and brown skin tones on illustrations throughout 

Perfectly sized for little hands 

Developmentally appropriate lessons to help build your young child's early literacy skills without complex lessons better suited for older children 

My Pictures Booklet 

My Reading Words Booklet 

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