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Beginner Phonics

Must Watch Video

I will make a video for you guys also because I can't find the one I used to use but these are okay. As you can see/hear on this one, she adds a vowel to some of the sounds. It's not the end of the world but ideally you wouldn't do that. I like THIS video because she does the does the sound to the letter r how I do it.


But I don't like how she does the q.  For starters, I always show the q next to the u because they always go together. I also pronounce it as "KOO." Think about it -- quail, queen, squint, etc. It is always "KOO."


When I was in high school, I part timed for an english tutoring service and the main tutor taught me to teach the k sound as KOO instead of KWA because it made more sense does!

If you can bare her voice, this lady is helpful. She does a good job at most of the sounds without adding a vowel but the r she does as "UR" and the q and "KWA" so ignore those. 

IN THE END GUYS, just practice isolating the sound and don't worry about it too much. There are entire people with heavy southern accents, northern accents, foreign accents, etc. that teach the sounds to their children with a little this or that and the children are fine. 

Ultimately, there are much more damaging things than adding a little vowel at the end or even doing the qu as kwa.


Teaching names over sounds, associations, repeating the sound (t t t, p p p, s s s) every time you say the sound, teaching the sounds all at once instead of waiting for mastery and doing a few at a time, "testing" children, over drilling, and over correcting children are things you have to be more mindful of. 


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