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Course B 

Supporting Documents and Recordings 

List of Sounds

Not sure how to say the sounds?

Here one video that shows them all.

And another one is found here. 

Both go through them pretty fast but you can listen and pause.


As you are learning, just think about the sample words on the list, listen to the videos, find the samples in words.


DO NOT to all the hand stuff the lady does or say the sounds at the same time or go over all the sounds at once. It is TOO much information. I do not recommend it.  But, both of these videos say the sounds really well. So, learn from them. You can do this!  

Must Watch Video

Recommended Mrs Wordsmith

On the website, they list the phonics blah blah game and stick it for sight words for 4-7, I would not use them before 5. I would use these past 7 to any age that wasn't reading fluently. I LOVE these.  LOVE. LOVE. 


For vocabulary development, I also recommend the epic life and storyteller's dictionary or word of the day.  The dictionary has more words, the word of the day pictures are bigger and therefore make a bigger impression. I have both. If your child is on the younger side or has an over all aversion to books, I would get the word a day.  For vocabulary building I would use these even as young as preschool, in fact, my toddler loves.

The only thing I don't want is you guys using the sight words or the phonics game for the toddler/prek. This age group needs to still build a foundation without memorization, whole words, distractions, etc. 


I have not played the story telling game so I can't review. 

Here is their site. 

Developing Imagery Skills for Comprehension


Resources for Math

Muggins Math 

Number Neighbors

I live for these. They are amazing and the pre-algebra addition is the next thing to get once your children have mastery.



Muggins Math is still king and I would use FIRST but these materials are so beautiful and children won't always want to use the same materials. Sumblox are art, play, and math in one. 

Resources for Comprehension

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