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Great News!


In addition to private one-on-one virtual consultations for parents and caregivers, we are have started small group parenting/caregiver cohorts! 


Through originally intended to support homeschooling and unschooling families, we have found that families whose children attend conventional schools but would like to incorporate self-directed strategies and advocacy into their children's education/life experience greatly benefit from the cohorts as well.  

This services, as do all my services, will always seek to de-center whiteness and other heteronormative systems of oppression from our children's lives and educational experiences, a practice which not only benefits Black children and other children of color, but also white children and families committed to anti-racism.


From book suggestions, to topics for socratic discussions, to a rejection of standardized testing as a measure of our children's achievement, raising children who are self-directed and aware is how we will create a more beautiful possibility for the future. Anchored in a monthly theme, we meet weekly to discuss, learn, peel back, challenge, and grow in community.  


In order to respect and honor a need to have safe spaces for Black and other families of color there are separate cohort for Black and Brown families and one for white and white presenting parents/caregivers or BIPOC parents/caregivers wanting to be in this integrated group.  

Sign up fee $75 (includes initial consultation) + first month 

Monthly rate: $125 (single child)/$150 (flat multiple rate)


One-on-One consultations (parents and caregivers) 


Cohort members receive special pricing for one-on-one consultations $35/hr as well as reading and numeracy intervention/tutoring for children. 



Children in Library

S. Schwartz Mom of 3

Being a part of Nikolai's weekly parenting/homeschool group has been invaluable. She pours so much knowledge and heart into us each week, sharing so many amazing strategies from research and from her own experiences. During this crazy time, she's given me tools to not just survive with my kids, but thrive. She's helped me to pause and think about what's important to me as a parent and a person, and I've seen positive changes both personally and with my family. I love meeting weekly, as it gives us a chance to implement strategies and reflect, and we can be held accountable and get support while it's all fresh in our minds. It's so apparent she has such a gift and a passion for what she does, and I'm grateful to be a part of her group and to learn from her!

S.G. Mom of 3

"...having these tools we have been working on, really empowers me to think about the context of things, rather than taking it on personally. Am I still yelling? Yes. But am I also doing a gratitude journal with my child every night and using that as a grounding connection point for us? Yes. It can be both. I can grow as I struggle. I can evolve while I plummet. Can't even think of what I would do without this group."

L.T. Mother of 3

I am so very blessed to be part of a parenting group that is led by @raisingreaders Nikolai.. She has been our guide as we reconnect to nature and learn to live for and from the earth. We have found a wise and dope ass coach in Nikolai and are on our way. Learning is the goal. Not wasted time on tests and grades that kids attribute to their self worth.

Happy Kids with Books

K. Quire Mom of 2

I wasn’t born a parent, and the moment she was born I didn’t intuitively become a great, or even good, one. It takes work. It takes learning your children, it takes learning how to learn them and how to interpret what they can’t tell you. It takes unlearning all you have learned about parenting, stripping it down, taking what is valuable and discarding what is not. Nikolai has helped me do this. I have taken Continuing Legal Educational classes for 17 years. CLEs strengthen my legal acumen, make me a better advocate, and attorney for my clients. Parenting classes strengthen my parenting skills, and make me a better parent to my children. Let’s dispel the myth in our community that parenting classes in conjunction with ineptitude, an abuse case, a divorce, or a custody matter. We can learn to break our generational courses, learn to parent a “difficult child”, and break our own bad thoughts and guilt around parenting. Parenting education is self work. Parenting education is often times shadow work. I am thankful for our cohort and Nikolai for providing space for BIPOC parents (that includes you too daddies and BABA’s) to learn and explore deeply how to better parent our children. I thank you for your guidance on this journey. I am learning and listening with empathy, daily. She holds classes weekly in the evenings, if you have a child between 0 and 18 and are interested in being a better version of your parenting self, I strongly recommend you hit her up and come school with us.

Kids with Backpacks

M.P. Mother of 3

I love you too Nikolai, you have been such a huge part of my RE-birth and it has allowed me to uncover who I truly am. Growing up I got along to get along because I thought that was what I was supposed to do and I never felt whole. Something was missing and I knew life offered more. This work is proof that life is more than going to school getting good grades, producing, houses, cars and debt. Life is about community, stewardship, disrupting, justice, joy, resistance, abolition, peace.... My kids now have the opportunity to gain from an awakening that took me 40 years to discover. I want this kind of revelation to be one that all our people enjoy. This is the Good News. Thank you for this space.

"Thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance, support, unconditional love. Each day I feel an inch closer to full liberation and this path feels so right in my bones...I would sign up for a lifetime membership. LOL!" 

Super-grateful to be in this space with you all. Thank you, Nikolai, for sharing your wisdom and for bringing us together.

C.P. Mother of 1

E.I. Mother of 1

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