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Open House 2021 Coming SOON!he plans 

The plans have been drawn, the work has started, the children are working, and we are on our way. 

Liberatorium (@liberatorium ig) will be a space to grow food, model radical play, learning each from each other, declare our selves and children capable, and decolonize our metrics. 

We are committed to creating an open source learning environment that centers play, liberation, self directed learning, and permaculture smack in the middle of a low resource Black and Brown neighborhood. 

I (Nikolai) am donating my home (100% debt free), time, and labor daily and am in the 501c3 process. 


UPDATE just added! 2/4/2021


As you can see from the plans, the installation is a transformative one for the space but the vision is righteous and we will build it piece by piece while we use it. This community and its children deserve it as will the others who come here to learn how to replicate the efforts in theirs. 


If you would like to donate to this beautiful vision and work please click here:

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